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Drake Academy of Excellence

Quarantine and How it's Changing Education

The world as we knew it before COVID-19 no longer exists. As quarantine began, we were likely unaware of the invisible chrysalis that began to take shape around our hearts and minds. Eventually, time and circumstances became the catalyst within the chrysalis that transformed us internally through reflection, newly acquired knowledge, and a changed perspective.

We are now keenly aware of the poignancy of this moment and the importance of emerging from our chrysalis as new beings. To succeed in the future, we must transform from the caterpillar that went into quarantine with a one-sided perspective into a butterfly that carries on its wings the knowledge gained from listening to others and engaging in meaningful dialogue. To thrive as a human race, we must undergo a continual transformation that steers us toward humanity – a common sharing that embraces the wonderful differences in us all and helps us to become better human beings than we were before.


Now is the time to forge new mindsets and systems. Now is the time for the meaningful, difficult, authentic, and richly rewarding work to begin. The Drake Academy of Excellence understands that the need for schools and leaders to demonstrate agility and the ability to pivot when circumstances demand, is critical to their success and efficacy. This school, from its inception, has always been about celebrating the unique cultures and perspectives in our communities. The recent call for social justice has given us validation that this is the right path. However, we cannot stop there. We, as leaders and teachers, are called to be reflective and respond. We have responded and are thrilled to be working with our dynamic team to ensure that our curriculum is not just inclusive, but anti-racist, unbiased, and free from the whitewashed information that has plagued school textbooks and instruction.

Here at the Drake Academy of Excellence, we live our belief that every culture and every human being has incredible value and we are reflective of the devastation that racism has had on our country. We also believe that the history of all cultures must be part of our dialogue; together we must demonstrate that there is no right perspective but rather one that is all-inclusive and born from humility and love. To provide our students with an excellent education and our staff with effective leadership training and development opportunities, we are convinced that we must be continually reflective and aware of our own bias. We also understand that our curriculum must include the facts and varied perspectives found in the historical events that have impacted the cultures in our community. We believe that this approach will not only validate the experiences that our students have had with prejudices and racism, but will promote the healthy and informed dialogue that will prepare students to live a life that is truly rewarding and fulfilling.

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