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Every business starts with a solution to a problem. Based on our personal experiences and research, we have found the following issues to be the most problematic in schools today.


Each problem below has the solution that the Drake Academy of Excellence provides for our students, families, and teachers. 


Because the mission of the Drake Academy of Excellence is to provide an innovative teaching and leadership model that can be implemented in any school, we are changing how children are taught and how schools are led to pave the way for a new model of education.



Lack of positive relationships

Build meaningful relationships to inspire growth and excellence

Hyper-focus on high-stakes testing

Emphasize the joy of learning and acquiring knowledge

Acceptance of mediocrity and status quo

Provide an innovative model that exemplifies excellence in education.

Narrowing of curriculum

Lack of teacher collaboration

Follow a broad and challenging curriculum that includes the arts and humanities

Collaborate and utilize individual strengths and passions to experience high levels of team success

Lack of vision and purpose

Possess a clear vision and implement a purposeful plan to build the future

Lack of passion and energy

Teach and live with energy and passion to promote curiosity, creativity, a love of learning, and contagious enthusiasm for life! 

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