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Drake Academy of Excellence


We are dedicated to hiring the best teachers from across the country simply because we understand that teachers are the most important factor in a student’s success. We are committed to working with successful leaders from around the world to realize success. Following years of research and valuable experiences, the Drake Academy leaders actively recruit and hire teachers following specific guidelines that lead us to the right people for our school.

What started as the seed of a dream has grown into a team of people who are shaping this dream into reality. Together, we are building a model that values others first and inspires our students to unleash the greatness with which they were born. By doing this, we believe that we will have a meaningful and lasting impact on our students and their families

- Welcome to our family - 

Leadership. Leadership determines the overall health of an organization and the relationships between the people who work inside it.

We firmly believe that Our team is built on the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability, and servant-focused leadership. 

Our work has taken us from the public and private sectors and education have been experienced in these settings as a student, parent, and employee. Our model follows the belief that all children deserve the best education and that all children deserve access to opportunities that will help them to develop into whom they were born to be.

We function on the belief that children are born with greatness and that this greatness must be recognized, nurtured, and developed. As teachers and leaders, we have an incredible responsibility to raise the bar for our students and provide an environment in which children can truly thrive. 

Now, dreams don't just appear in your mind one day and come to reality the next, they are built and refined through a journey and over time. This journey started with asking the tough questions that would help me to improve my own teaching. I looked for answers from the most valuable source -the students themselves. I wanted to know what students thought of school - after all, they are the customers. And, you can always count on them to be brutally honest - they can tell you more about a school and how good it is than anyone else - so it's the students I asked because I wanted real answers. These students, spanning years and various backgrounds, used similar words to describe their school experience - boring, prison, demotivating, not challenging, and irrelevant. But, when these children had a teacher who saw them, who approached instruction with creativity and enthusiasm, their responses changed dramatically. Instead, they used words like fun, happy, and challenging to describe their experiences. I wanted to be one of those teachers. A teacher who impacted students and inspired them to be the best possible version of themselves. 

The other part of my journey has taken me through public, private, and homeschool settings where I have worn all the hats - student, mother, and employee. Through these experiences, I learned about the essential qualities of effective leadership and how to build a climate and culture that children and staff want to be a part of every day. I've learned that life is not all about me but about serving others - and that when this shift is made, the doors open, allowing us to experience true happiness and success. This mindset has led me to look for leaders with the same attitude - I believe that when people come together with a common purpose and attitude, that great thing happens! I am so very pleased and humbled to say that I have found such a team. Not only has the founding board believed in the vision of this school, but they held me accountable and helped me to become a better person. They believe in the power of lifting others first, and they each use their talents to serve others. This school is becoming a reality largely because of their attitudes and desire to empower children and their families.  

This collaboration is essential to the success of any team and endeavor and we believe that we are better together and that we need each other. Our team is a family - one that is fun, full of life, and dedicated to excellence. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me and my passion for teaching.

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