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The Drake Academy of Excellence is driven to transform education and leadership practices in the United States. In collaboration with the world’s most prestigious universities and authorities in education, our model school implements proven research and is intentionally designed to scale on a national level. Shifting from industrialized practices and mindsets, our model prioritizes human development and unleashes the greatness in others by valuing their unique worth and fostering an enthusiasm for learning that empowers them to inspire, lead, and contribute to the world.


To be a catalyst for systemic educational change by modeling innovative and research driven strategies that develop students, teachers, and leaders.


Cultivate a nurturing and fun family climate where students, families, and staff feel welcome, seen, and respected.

Approach learning through the lens of humanity.

Nurture the heart of each student through a values-based curriculum that emphasizes teamwork, honesty, humility, compassion, hard work, and respect.

Provide appropriate challenges and supports for adults and children so that all can flourish.

Embrace DAE's motto: No Fear!

Facilitate fun learning experiences that target students' individual talents and interests and foster a true excitement for learning!

Surround ourselves with those who challenge us to grow and be our best.

Produce capable, compassionate, and community-oriented students that are well prepared to take on the challenges of today’s world.

Foster an environment that is a safe haven for unlocking true human potential.

Seek out excellent teachers who are passionate about uplifting young children.

Provide dynamic and engaging instruction so every student is challenged and develops a passion for learning, personal growth, and community service.

Embrace diversity and celebrate our differences.

Become a model school that transforms educational and leadership practices and shifts existing systems and mindsets.

Inspire excellence in ourselves and in others.

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